Where you and your vinyl records have an impact.

We are unlike any event you have experienced before. Give us at least two hours of your time and we guarantee that you will enjoy it, tell someone else about it, and will want to experience it again. 

The Vinyl Listening Lounge Club is where you come to rekindle your love of certain music and musicians who have influenced your life and have made this world a better place.

The keys to each event are;

  • The Music theme of the event
  • The Members and guests
  • The Listening environment
  • The Conversation and Interactions
  • and of course, The Music and The Musicians

      Listening events may be catered to a specific theme. Themes may be based on genre (from classical to country), musician (from Beethoven to Brown), instrument, era, gender, style (Mozart to Motown), or whatever. Members can decide ahead of time what the theme of the next event will be. Members and guests bring their favorite recordings and we discuss the music, the artist, the theme, have laughs and re-experience the times. 


Welcome to the

Vinyl Listening Lounge Club (VINYLLLC) 

For Vinyl  Record  Lovers  and  Collectors -

"It's All About The MUSIC, On Vinyl" 

Experiencing Listening to Music and Musicians

on Vinyl records in a Listening Lounge

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Vinyl Listening Lounge Club - (Vinyl LLC) 

VinylLLC is in the process of expansion across the USA.  After the inaugural launch of VINYLLLC in the Washington, DC area, Vinyl Listening Lounge Clubs will be established in:

New_York,_NY,       Miami,_FL,

Atlanta,_GA,           Charlotte,_NC,

Los_Angeles,_CA,    Chicago,_IL,

San Antonio,_TX     Denver,_CO 



If you are interested in a Vinyl Listening Lounge Club event in your area, contact us.