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WOW! This Was A Great Event”

Those were the words of a guest of our last and first Jazz Only Vinyl Listening Lounge session event. It was a great success until near the end when we got drowned out by a kid’s gathering. The playlist of artist represented the Who’s Who in the Jazz world.

We started out the session with the selection “Chameleon” by great Herbie Hancock. Other artist included:
Coleman Hawkins              Alberta Hunter                                   Dollar Brand
Lee Morgan                        Ron Carter                                         Stan Getz
Ahmad Jamal                      De De Bridgewater                             Frank Sinatra
Jerry Mulligan                     Gato Barberi                                       Andrew Hill

The discussions of various artists, musical selections, and related information was stimulating. The conversations were knowledgeable, topics varied, and fact checked. What impressed me most was the coming together of strangers who have a common interest of jazz music on vinyl and then leaving as an acquaintance to someone not known before the session.

The kid invasion was unexpected. One of the goals of the Vinyl LLC is listen to music on vinyl in an intimate setting. Your presence and participation give me incentive to continue with these type of sessions. However, I need your help in finding location settings that would be suitable for our type of event. It’s not essential, but I would prefer a place where food and/or drink. We are called a Lounge Club because I would prefer guests to feel that they are in a place that has a relaxing environment. Please send me your suggestions.

As of today, I do not have a planned date and location for the next Jazz Only Vinyl session. I would like to do this again as soon as possible.


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Our  first  Vinyl  LLC  JAZZ  Only  Vinyl  Listening  Lounge  Club Session  event  was  Sat.  July 27, 2019  

at  Smith  Public  Trust,   ​3514  12th NE, Washington, DC